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Can you survive a Live Horror Movie?


Step into the terrifying world of our Mangled Experience, a live horror spectacle inspired by Saw and Hostel. As you enter, prepare to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in our Hellfire Lounge, setting the tone for the horrors to come. Endure multiple physical and mental challenges that push the limits of your senses over the course of 2 intense hours of Hands-On Horror. Can you and your partner withstand the twisted trials awaiting you, or will your hearts be ripped out in the process?


This immersive journey, strictly for those 18 and older, begins with an invitation from the enigmatic Collector, leading you into the Mangled Facility where each killer tests your fear in various rooms. Brace yourself for full-contact encounters with actors who may touch, blindfold, and guide you through chilling scenarios involving water, temperature shifts, and claustrophobic settings. Despite the intensity, all pain is simulated, ensuring your safe departure from this heart-pounding experience.

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