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Welcome to the haunted world of Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston, The Ghostbusters!
This immersive event places guests into the Ghostbusters universe with a few fun surprises around each corner. As you arrive you will enter the Lobby of Gotham, A Gothic Nightclub where a mischievous spirit has taken up residency. Here you will be given edible Ecto-Plasm sample as well as the chance to take a photo with everyone’s favorite green slime ball!

Once the theater has been cleared of all paranormal entities you will be escorted inside but keep your wits about you as you explore. The Gozerian Bar will have a host of spirits to imbibe including the Ecto 1, The Destructor & Ecto-Slime! After you’ve grabbed a drink you can mozy on over to the Museum of Art display where you will surely find a Haunted Painting or two to take photos with.

When the room is clear of ghosts and everyone has found their seats the movie will start. For the first time ever the film will be shown accompanied by Chromaception. An exclusive technology developed by Chambers of Hell that immerses guests in the colors and auras of various scenes.


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