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The Phillips Door returns to New York! This story of a Doctor and his encounters with beings from other dimensions has been thrilling audiences at various venues in New York since 2015. Don't miss your chance to see this captivating performance!



The Doctor sits depressed in his laboratory sulking over the body of his recently deceased wife Philomena. In a desperate attempt to change his situation he pulls an old book he has locked away called the Voynich Manuscript. An ancient book riddled with evil illustrations, he uses the help of it's texts to construct a doorway to other dimensions and worlds. Will the doctor survive his encounters with what comes through the door? Will he find his wife's soul and bring her back to life?

Giovanni Marine - The Doctor
Cici Chichester - Philomena
Brae Byrne - The Demon
Jeremy Bixson - The Ghost
Mahi Singh - Death
Guiliana Werner - The Christmas Fairy
Mark Murphy - Fate
Brendan Anderson - Fate
Eric Bayer - Father Time

This 60 Minute performance features intense, lighting, sound effects, loud music and special effects that some may find difficult to endure. please take note of this before purchasing a ticket.

The Fairy
The Fate
The Ghost
The Demon
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