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STORYLINE: The Ancient Tales Of A Holiday Where The Spirits Walk Amongst Us Searching For Souls To Steal! 

Once you’ve secured your tickets and arrived you will lounge in the Forsaken Tavern. Here you will be immersed in celtic music, moss covered seats, photo ops, candlelit ambiance, specialty drinks & more! When you have gathered the courage you must see the spirit guide who will give your entire group one candle before sending you into the forest of shadows. 


The light of the candle is the only source of sight you will have in the world of the banshee for it is a shadowy world. After you have made it through the forest of shadows you will enter the dead marsh where the banshees snatch up unsuspecting souls. use your candle to navigate the collapsing caves, crawl through fallen trees and you might even get a glimpse of the Celtic King. 


Finally, if you have made it through all of that and still have your soul intact you will have ventured into the O’ Sullivan Meat Pie Factory. The site of the infamous 1930’s St. Patricks Day Massacre where Michael O’ Sullivan, the owner brutally poisoned and massacred all of his factory employees sacrificing them to the banshees of the old world. Can you make it through the factory?! will you become a pie?! can you survive the scream of the banshee?!

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