In the Northwest corner of Brooklyn, a Water Treatment Plant can be found. Late at night, passerby have reported hearing strange noises and sounds of distress, some seemingly coming from below ground. Odd, but true since below the plant lies Sector 75, a secret laboratory focused on genetic research, intent on creating and weaponizing Plant/Human Hybrids. That focus was shattered when Test Subject E9 escaped captivity and began infecting any personnel It encountered. As you make your way down darkened corridors and through the ruined labs, you will witness horrific procedures, overgrown specimens and the terrifying Subject E9 Itself! Plant/Human Hybrids have overtaken the facility! They want OUT and they want...YOU!  


Buried Secrets immerses you in the subways, sewers and catacombs beneath New York City. You will make your way through a darkened subterranean world where an unholy war is being waged between Heaven and Hell! Hordes of Demons will attempt to steal your soul and send you to Hell while trench coat clad Archangels, resplendent in black, wielding mystic weapons fight to protect you. Will you submit or will you be redeemed?!


A run down house sits just out of view on a dirt road in a quiet farm town. It sits silent and dark all year until it roars to life on Christmas Eve! The local legends tell of a family of sadistic killers that kidnap unwary travelers and bring them Home for the Holidays! One by one they will be hunted and slaughtered until none remain alive. The haunting sounds of Christmas Carols mix with wails of pain and anguish as blood splatters the floorboards of this house of horrors. Unluckily for you, time moves differently in The Chamber and tonight IS Christmas Eve and YOU are the guests of honor!