Years ago the Emerald City Circus traveled the world thrilling audiences with death defying acts, startling spectacles and wonder of all kind! Behind the scenes was a different story then the happy place painted for paying customers. A Tyrannical Circus owner who managed his acts with an iron fist and a vicious bull whip. One stormy night the crew had decided they had taken their last beating. They revolted throwing their owner into one of the main acts deadly contraptions, The Electric Chair. With their crazed owner out of the picture the blood thirsty circus crew continued to travel from town to town inflicting the pain they endured onto unsuspecting guests. Welcome to the Circus! Now Scream!



In the bowels of the underground, mysterious things lie sleeping. The Amara Mining company has made the unfortunate mistake of digging in the wrong work site. After opening a mysterious cavern way underground workers began to turn up completely torn apart. One miner made it out barely alive only able to utter "They Ate Him, Alive!. Their Faces!". The Mine is now a twisted series of caverns, tunnels and tight corridors submerged in darkness. Will you descend into the darkness and make it through the other side? Or will you be the next workplace accident? Welcome to PrimeEvil!



A southern house sits upon a darkened hill layered in dirt and bones. The Dentana family has used these grounds for their cannibalistic practices for 7 generations. The Chainsaw has been known as the matriarch of the house and a guiding light for their torture sessions. Will you make it all the way through the blood stained foundations or will you become a permanent wall ornament for their sadistic collection.

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